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Are you looking to set your baby up for a lifetime of healthy, happy eating? Or perhaps you work in childcare and want to upskill around weaning?

Annabel Karmel’s #1 rated online, flexible audio course guides you through every stage of weaning, from first tastes to first birthday.

And now, we’ve partnered with Bloss to bring you the course at a special discount. 


RRP £30


Do you work in childcare?

Learn everything you need to know about weaning

Introducing babies to solid foods is a major milestone, with many families looking for support as they navigate the world of weaning.

Whether you are currently looking after babies, or plan to in the future, completing Annabel’s flexible online course will help boost your CV and skillset.

Are you a parent and wanting to wean?

Your guide to feeding confidently, at your own pace

The world of weaning can feel like a bit of a whirlwind, so Annabel’s step-by-step online course is here to help you sail with solids.

From those early days and understanding your baby’s nutritional needs, to coping with feeding challenges, tackling textures, and understanding allergies, learn everything you need to know today.

Start your weaning journey today

Your special Bloss partner discount


RRP £30

  • Bite-sized Tutorials
  • Lists & quick guides
  • Expert videos
  • Meal planners & 100 nutritious recipes
  • Dedicated support service

How does the course work? 


The course is designed so that you can listen to each bite-sized segment in under five minutes.

Pick up when baby naps, drop in during feeds, or power through if you have a few hours to yourself!

Simply complete in your own time and return to the advice whenever you like.


Lists, charts, meal planners & videos

You’ll also have access to a fresh batch of helpful lists and quick guides, meal planners, and expert videos.

Super helpful content that you can return to time and time again.




100 simple, nutritious recipes

Access over 100 easy to follow recipes that are packed with goodness. From first tastes and finger foods, to vegetarian recipes and allergen free ideas, you’ll love experimenting with your baby.





Online support

Annabel and her nutrition team are here to support you and your baby on your feeding journey.

If you have any questions as you work through the course, we’ll be there to help you with access to our expert team.






Supporting thousands of parents and childcare providers

“It’s amazing to see his progression” 

"I liked the idea of baby-led weaning but I also wanted to feel confident that I was giving my baby the best nutrition. Having a little one made it extra difficult to go along to an actual course. Instead, this digital course was perfect. It had all the advice I needed and I could easily work through the chapters during Atticus’ naps. Two months in and it’s amazing to see his progression - he loves food! I’m so grateful this was recommended to me."

Anna & baby Atticus

"I recommend it to every mum I talk to about weaning"

“I absolutely loved Annabel’s course, and I recommend it to every mum I talk to about weaning. It gave me so much confidence for starting our weaning journey, and her team were always on hand to give me extra advice.  Axel is loving his first tastes. I’m calm, he’s calm, and we’re having fun!”

Grace & baby Axel

"It’s left me feeling far more confident”

"When it came to prepping for weaning, this course taught me everything I needed to know. The short chapters were easy to fit around my baby, and it includes a good balance of qualified information and practical guidance. I’ve got lots of the printable lists and recipes stuck to my fridge door, and I’m always referring back to the course info.  It’s definitely left me feeling far more confident and much better prepared for feeding my baby."

Fiona & baby Rosie

Meet Annabel: your course host