Since launching her revolutionary cookbook for babies in 1991 – a feeding 'bible’ which has become the 2nd bestselling non-fiction hardback of all time – Annabel has cooked-up 47 cookbooks and supported generations of babies all over the world on their feeding journeys.

"My life’s work to ensure babies and children get the very best start in life stems from the tragic loss of my first child, Natasha, who sadly died at 13 weeks from a viral infection.  Whilst my daughter’s illness wasn’t diet-related, I was incredibly anxious when it came to ensuring that my second baby, Nicholas, was provided with foods that optimised his health.

However, I really struggled when it came to weaning. Nicholas seemed to reject everything I gave him and I constantly worried about him getting enough of the right foods. This spurred my on to come up with new and enticing recipes of my own – and he turned a corner!

At the time, I ran a local playgroup and I soon had mums queueing up for my recipes. My unique, healthy food combinations were pioneering, and with a little persuasion, I started compiling a weaning guide for babies and toddlers – the Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner. I spent two years devising recipes and working with a top team of paediatric nutritionists, dietitians and allergy consultants to ensure I was equipping parents with the right information.

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After being rejected by over fifteen publishing houses, I finally secured a publishing deal. Although never in my wildest dreams did I foresee this book leading to a lifetime’s work in supporting millions of families to raise generations of good eaters.

Now, my brand new Digital Weaning Course makes it even easier for parents to receive the advice, tips and tools they need for a successful weaning journey. Designed to fit around you and your baby, and supported with expertise from a team of registered dietitians and nutritionists from the Early Years Nutrition Partnership, it will empower families to make the right choices for their children in early life, to give them the best start possible."

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