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Early Years Nutrition Partnership

The early years of a child’s life really matter when it comes to lifelong health, and nutrition during this critical period impacts healthy growth, development and shapes eating habits. The Early Years Nutrition Partnership is committed to improving nutrition standards for babies and young children, providing access to a network of registered nutritionists and dietitians who deliver training, consultancy, advice and information on all aspects of early years food and nutrition. They also provide a highly regarded Quality Mark accreditation scheme for early years settings for food and nutrition practice.

 The Early Years Nutrition Partnership nutrition professionals are either Registered Nutritionists or Dietitians with at least a bachelor’s degree in a nutritional or dietetic science and experience in early years nutrition. They are bound by the Association for Nutrition and the British Dietetic Association respectively to continue professional development and follow standards of ethics, conduct and performance. This means you can be assured that their advice will always be up to date with the latest recommended guidance and practice.