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doddl baby cutlery is expertly designed to help your baby get to grips with cutlery – at the start of their weaning journey!  Certified safe, doddl's baby spoon and fork set builds familiarity with cutlery, and will help your baby develop skills and coordination with both hands.

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Key features of doddl's award-winning baby cutlery set 

  • Perfect first cutlery set to accompany your weaning journey from 6+ months
  • Encourages self-feeding and exploration of foods, textures and tastes
  • Smooth ends feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth - building positive associations with both cutlery and mealtimes
  • Short, ergonomic handles allow the use of a basic palmer grip, with soft touch areas to help develop a more advanced pincer grip
  • Complements baby-led weaning and encourages self-feeding
  • When your baby is eating more substantial meals, they can make an easy transition to doddl children’s cutlery, suitable for 1-5+ years.
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